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Q. Can you really get my roof replaced for storm damage ?

A. The short answer is yes. Storms can damage the roof and cause premature roof failure.

Q. If my roof looks fine from the ground can there still be roof damage ?

A. A lot of storm damage is undetectable to the untrained eye it take a trained professional to find the damage.

Q. Will making a claim in the storm damage raise my rates ?

A. Its almost unheard of for a single claim to affect your home insurance premiums especially if its an "Act of god". This is an event caused entirely by the forces of nature.Click the button              for more

Q.What makes you guys experts on finding storm damage ? 

A. We have been trained to spot storm damage by the same engineering form that trains the adjusters to spot it .Click this button                  to check out our certs 

Q.Do I need more than one bid to select a contractor?

‚ÄčA.No. It is your right to select a contractor, not the cheapest priced contractor. Harleys  utilizes industry specific Xactimate software and quarterly updated price lists. Most insurance companies and adjusters write estimates from this software or something very close to it.

Q. What is depreciation ?

A.Depreciation is the reduction in the value of an asset due to usage, passage of time, wear and tear, out dating or obsolescence, and other similar factors. Most insurance policies include depreciation on selected items in their estimate. Recoverable depreciation is refunded to the homeowner when the repairs are completed.

Q. If I sign your insurance work authorization do I have to use you as a contractor?

A. The short answer is yes. from the moment you sign the IWAF we start working on your claim . There is alot that goes into the process from, documenting the damage, ordering eagleviews , working up xactimates , itelling nonmatching products, to meeting with your adjuster and getting the claim approved . We have an average of 15 to 20 hours and several hundred dollars wrapped up in the claim before its approved. We spend this time in money to honor our agreement expecting that you will as well.

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